Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent Color Series Acrylic Sheet

Set your displays on fire with luminescent neon colors. In normal light, the sheets glow as if illuminated from within. Add more UV light and the colors intensify.

Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent Color acrylic sheet blazes with bright neon luminescence. Create engraved logos for a dazzling effect, and discover seven hot colors for daring results: green, blue, 3201 blue, red, yellow and two oranges.

  • Bright,glowing colors in normal light
  • Gives displays,fixtures and shelving afiery appeal
  • Routed logos glow without a light source
  • Intensity of color is maximized under UV light
  • Fabricates and thermoforms as easily as standard acrylic

Plexiglas® MC acrylic sheet brings you all that you have come to expect from the most recognizable name in acrylic sheet. The Fluorescent Color Series cuts, routs, drills, cements, polishes and thermoforms easily and with no special tools or new techniques.


0.118", 0.177", 0.236", 0.354"


48" x 96", 51" x 100", 60" x 96", 72" x 96"

All thicknesses available in all sheet sizes.
The Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent Color Series acrylic sheet is film masked. Other thicknesses and sizes can be quoted upon request.

Plexiglas MC Fluorescent Color Series Acrylic Sheet


BLUE 3152 3201
GREEN 3190  
ORANGE 3191 3193
RED 3192